Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 235: Pre-trekking for the 6K Mountain

Setting out early in the morning for trek outside of Leh

Ignored all advice of trekking guide and shot upwards for height rising higher and higher no matter how steep the path
When the fog would permit, the skyline offered stupendous views of Leh in the distance, craggily sandy brown rock mountains, and snow capped peaks further out yet still so much within reach
Gasping for air as we rose with Leh sitting 3500 meters above sea level while gaining likely another 700 meters in pursuit of our summit
Yak cheese snack
Ate plentifully with Christopher mistakenly ordering six naans, all of us collapsed into food comas
Beer for dinner and some Karam with the locals who tried to improve our play but our benign efforts were no match as we couldn’t finish before the power outage ended our play; had an incredible time regardless despite our continuous embarrassment of the game

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