Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 238: 1st Day of Stok Kangri Trek

The day began with us first dropping off our passports to get permits arranged, checking the size of our snow boots, and then getting some breakfast before the craziness of the early part of the day truly took off

Sebastian and I were running around literally for supplies all last second like a warm hat for my now practically bald head, trekking pants, and chocolates while Christoph cooling roamed the bazaar
Sadly said goodbye to Maciek, one of the great travel companions of my trip and a must visit whenever I get a chance to travel through Poland
Beginning trek late at nearly 1 pm with a much too rushed pace led by our guide Tun Tun according Christoph, who I trust with his experience fitting altitude sickness in pursuit of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
We started at close to 4000m which we had gotten used to over our time in Leh but extreme altitude was on the docket for the coming days that we needed to take seriously
Crossed rivers that nearly would have toppled each of us over due to the pressing rush of the unrelenting muddy waters of the river if it weren’t for the steady hand of our guide
Along the way we saw Tibetan payers flags waving in the wind along their stretched string, a sight I memorably have seen upon countless pictures of the Nepalese Himalayan mountains
We came across on both sides sharp jagged rocks shooting out at will in perpendicular paths to the loose rocky valley floor we walked. Each grouping made no sense as far as their inspiration/culmination/birth with the distant stretching out from the mountainous area itself away from the barely kept greenery tucked in amongst it all hidden in the afternoon shadows
Once at camp after a short three and a half hours of trekking, Sebastian and I took a separate added trek on the other side of the now clean river water since today was simply too easy for my liking. Upwards we climbed upon hardened muddy and loose gravel steep terrain as well various rock outcroppings to reach the point I so desired. From here we could not only see the same jagged bumping surface past what we walked not long ago but also witnessing a picture frame worthy image of Leh down in the distance lit and primed in the rare sight of lush greenery for kilometers all with the rugged desert mountains pushed back behind it rising stretched well beyond to its left and right with snow capped dustings
I didn’t want to leave this position getting my latest sensation of standing atop the world
From local in the airy, chilly atmosphere, I got some details about the climatic trek that I sure had not expected. Apparently to summit Stok Kangri we would need to leave at roughly 12 or 1 in the morning as in the a.m. due to the snow softening as the sun rose and shone upon its surface
Back at camp after dealing with my least favorite part of trekking which is the concept of going down, we ate in a personalized dining tent upon a cute little table and fold up chairs by light of candle
Before sleeping in our tents with Sebastian and I sharing a tightly packed one to say the least we cast our eyes upwards to the moonless sky that shed a full set of brightly lit stars each of which weren’t afraid to make up for the disappearance of the night’s prime guardian of light

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