Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 242: Just Relax

After sleeping in, I joined Sebastian for some chai and breakfast at a relatively fast paced Internet cafe and restaurant. For most of the morning and early afternoon, I began to slowly catch up on my writing and thoughtlessly entertain myself with this new innovation I had uncovered up here in northern India. I even got in touch with Maciek in Manali who told me of his own horror stories taking the ride from Leh a few days back that only further unnerved me on top of the other whispers of the road that awaited although beautiful it promised to be dreadfully dangerous. After Sebastian went rock climbing with the same trekking company and too late for his knowledge Tun Tun as his guide and bilayer, I went to explore the old town of Leh checking out its various hidden gompas, get my trekking shoes recently purchased and falling apart repaired, watch the singular street bakers heat their biscuits and breads in those fire burning tandoori cylinders, and at long last content with what I have and could have accomplished in Leh buy my minibus ticket out to Manali that would leave in the early morning at 1:30 am. After downing some Malai Kofta and roti with Sebastian at Wonderland Cafe for the last time and buying another of those hippy long sleeve hoodies from our group’s favorite shop owner, the two of us sipped some beers on the hotel patio before I took a much needed nap before a long day awaited me on the early side of tomorrow.


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