Lessons Learned While Globetrotting Part 11

For me this trip goes beyond the places I see, the food I eat, and an the culture I witness. More than anything else, I am here for the journey itself. With the time that I have so well described, I am trying to work on the kinks in my life. It almost seems ridiculous that I should be setting out to achieve such a task at the tender age of twenty four but it is legitimate enough. We all have our faults that we struggle with day in and day out; I am ready to steer myself onto the road that I was always meant for. The obstacles that kept me on the straight and narrow, dare I say it boring path, accumulated to the point that they were almost suffocating. I felt (and at times still do feel) like a bird in a tight fitting cage with barely enough room to flap my wings let alone catch a fresh breath of air. So I am self medicating my mind…


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