Odd Observations 8th Edition: Taken from Southeast Asia (Especially Vietnam)

Everyone looks the same. Sometimes when I walk down a street I look at a few people funny and wonder is that my mechanic or a hotel receptionist from a previous city. I wonder if the same concept works for them when they look at a crowd of white people.

I am trying to lose some weight but it can be so hard (especially when the excuse of a motorbike is so readily available). It certainly doesn’t help that most of the streets through Asia are a walking buffet line with some truly standout food. The trials and tribulations of a foodie!

Awful roads bordering on illegal that would be treacherous for simply walking across

All Bad Drivers Aren’t Vietnamese But All Vietnamese Are Bad Drivers
They drive akin to chickens with their heads cut off with no sense of direction or regard for human life

This label isn’t true across the board but Vietnamese drivers sure try to push the envelope on that teetering truth.
Often situations arise that turn into what can only be called a jousting contest especially over narrow bridges and with noncomplying traffic 
They are out of their fucking minds to put it quite simply
It runs a fine line between organized chaos and straight up mayhem
The amount of stuff they manage to load/hinge onto a bike blows my mind. I’m torn between commending them for their creativity and resourcefulness and calling it outright recklessness.

Asians are yes man; you have to turn questions into negative proposals otherwise you will always get the answer you think you want but it never resembles the truth.

At first I worried that a long trip like this would discourage me from school and work but as I have gone along I realized that I am looking forward to finishing my degree and working so that I can make the necessary money to buy my freedom and get back out here again to see more and do more. I kind of miss the routine and stability that home life provides but I won’t complain for long when all these unique possibilities stand outside my drab doorstep. I also miss working for the simple fact of taking pride in accomplishing some task. 


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