Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 261: The Joys of Visiting India as a Foreigner

After taking my good old time in this hostel refusing to leave the A/C comforts of the hostel, I braved the heat for my last day of sightseeing in Delhi.

Sweets, I need to stop. Sinfully delicious
Al Jawahar for miraculous Malai Kofta, tawa roti and tandoori roti
Girls across the way spotting me, giggling school girls
Jama masjid, bullshit with camera fees even though all Indians are taking photos
Beautiful structure
Watching Muslims worship
Hot lava surface
Changed my mind on visiting the top of minaret, still salty
Haven’t felt too welcomed by Muslims so far with not the best of vibes
Chatted with businessman
Ran away without paying for the shoe storage fee since I knew he was overcharging me. Even though he went down to the regular price I refused to pay since the damage had already been down and I knew he was treating me unfairly as a foreigner. It’s about the damn principle
Went in search of Kushti fighters north of Kashmere Gate but had no such luck
Returned to laxmi nagar by piling into rush hour traffic; it was like a game of Tetris of arms, legs, and torsos, luckily the metro has a ladies only compartment that most tend to use, I was never so closely squeezed and compacted with no space to call my own
Had myself a dosa at a standup food stall with the locals, not the best first impression
Skyped home
Went out to eat with backpackers and then walked around India Gate and to the president’s quarters
Good to finally spend some time with backpackers in the typical usual social sense
One guy only wanted to have one of the girls in our group to shake his daughter’s hand, wants her to learn English
Beer back at hostel


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