Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 263: Roadkill

I woke up way too early for my liking before the sun could even bother to rise without much choice in the matter since the buses left for the far north near the base for the Valley of Flowers early in the morning to make enough time for what I was always prepared to be a long journey. The ride out from Rishikesh gave me a taste for the scenery and the place itself if I don’t end up making the time to properly visit. We rode past the main backpacker area and all its yoga ashrams where even the famous Beatles went to meditate during their Indian experience. 

Joyous mountain views that had me sticking my head out the window to try to make me forget I was on a long public bus journey
Stops, tiresome
No longer on the side with the good views
Transfer to Govindghat by stuffed share jeep, packed in with the Indians
Gurdawara somehow full?
Negotiated a room from 500 to 250 rupees
Went to eat at gurdawara then went inside temple area to listen to book reading and watch closing ceremony
Sikhs seem like the happiest of people, with their beards and jolly bellies (not thaaat many are big) from eating some of the best cuisine India has to offer in Punjabi food they almost seem like turban wearing Santa Clauses and I am just as happy as on Christmas Day to meet them and be in their company
Went to slept with a relatively early alarm ready for me in the morning

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