Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 264: Two Paths Diverged in the Wood

Breakfast overpriced, left some of unnecessary luggage behind to lessen the load

Left govindghat to begin the 14km uphill journey to Ghangria

Many pleas for taking horse up or porter
The Sikh man at the bridge loved when he heard I was American and even more happy to hear that a foreigner would be visiting one of the sacred places of his religion. 
The journey up was boring, exhausting
Not many views, just lots of dhabas
Chat with Israeli couple along the way, I was surprised to see other white people around
Annoying perverted Indian group of young guys
A chat here or there. I am never really alone. I meet and talk to so many people. I feel like I am more engaging as a solo traveler
Barely English speaking Sikh giving me snacks and sweets
Trekking group of friends from Kolkata
Sikhs are smiling to me, just always open in the same way that I am which opens up encounters and conversations
Czech guys
Finally in Ghangria
Got first place: corny overly colorful rooms
Ate malai kofta with overpriced roti
While trying to write, one of the working boys was curious and wanted to practice his English by reading some of writings
Kolkata group: showing me pictures of a big Hindu festival in their city and trying to convince me it is a must visit
Snacks: samosa with sauces and those thin puff balls that have chickpeas inside, add a veggie breath for a kapow of flavorful, little soup bowls

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