Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 265: The Valley of Flowers

Woke up early by 5:30 am

Got breakfast with the two Czechs and had my packed lunch ready
Started off before the park officially opened with its two tiered pricing for foreigners
The matter of change with the park entrance, trying to get ahold of the prized smaller change rupees since no one seems to have it
In the cold early morning without sunlight trekked up the broken rock footpath to the valley of flowers
Valley of flowers, many species composed of many colors
Grey rocky jagged teeth forming the upper level, a shield to the valley
Jungle of flowers
Fresh glacier drinking water
Photographic eye candy
Czechs not much for a chat but talked to an Indian along the way who was pushing on past the main part of the valley to peak around the corner to way may be hidden
Jungle of flowers and overgrowth rising above our heads, couldn’t see where I was stepping which made for unfortunate situations for the imbalanced intruder such as myself
Dancing on the rocks tempting broken ankles while trying to rise higher and further away from the main valley to see some hidden snow capped peaks that shyly hid behind the clouds until giving me a glance
Best views of the valley with the sun on the opposite side and slowly drifting behind the mountains
The valley opened up for unspeakable views, wish I could have stayed for longersr
No change sheesh
Talking to Sikhs near Ghangria, maybe it is my friendly smiley demeanor that makes me so approachable
They loved that I would be going up to Hem Kund, their place of pilgrimage
Indians just want a piece of me, a chat, a chance to get to know me this person so interested in their home country and their religion. 
They pointed out the steep steep way up and behind the mountains
The idea of dipping in its sacred waters
The natural disasters that occurred in 2013
Went for food at a dhaba (snack shop) and got invited over by two non-resident Indian Sikhs from England
They explained to me thanks of course to my curious questioning and their open desire to share parts of their religion
Sikhs are so hospitable and a religious group I knew nothing about before coming to India
Eat and sleep

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