Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 268: The Wheels Keep on Turning

Left Mandel, the town in the middle of nowhere at 5 in the morning, an early rise in desertion

Crazy fast driver hitting some hard turns
Every day is an adventure even if it wasn’t designed to be
At times I have debated whether I will in fact survive a situation as this could be my last bus ride, death and all
Chatting with a local teacher who is determined to help change India through the youth and recycling
60 rupee all you can eat lunch thali
I am sick and tired of buses! They are the bane of my existence
Into Rishikesh past all the Israelis and quickly transitioned to Haridwar
Long tireless search for an Internet shop, people pointed me every which way and of course none was to be found according to what I could gather
Beggars upon beggars toting children in the main bazaar street
To die for lassi, chilled and creamy thick to the point of whipped cream
Dip in Ganga river along with the many others swimming in the fast current
Old man dipping here for two straight months
Walking around the riverside with many people dipping
Awful chole bhature, getting sick of the oiliness of Indian food
Went to main area Hari-ki-Pari? where many people were gathered around to bathe in the holy waters
Cows roaming around, many uniformed officials asking for donations to which I began to reply I already donated even though I had not just to get them off my back, girls giving me red and yellow bindis without me asking and then asking for money, sorry honey ain’t going to happen, tried to chat with her but she was too focused on the money
All alone then two Hindus approached for photos and then to talk
Walked along the main western bank shoeless for the ceremony
Met a Swiss who I chatted with and spent the rest of the evening with
Watched the candlelit ceremony of the floating flames drifting down the river amid chanting prayers and too much incense, very fervent energy
Walked around with the Swiss guy Lucas before we had to separate for our individual journeys out of town
I was headed to Delhi on an overnight AC bus since I figured a trip all the way straight to Agra would have been too much after that nonstop riding on buses plus a day off in one of my favorite hostels seemed to fit the bill

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