Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 274: A Punch to the Gut

Woke up for a late sunrise to get the fell of the atmosphere of the Ganga River when it lacked the crowds and the unbearable heat

Went to burning ghat but not for long, continued on a little bit along the water to see the few people cleaning clothes or themselves
I was simply too tired from last night’s sleepless night and frankly a possible onset of my latest bought with the Delhi belly
Bitten and chewed up likely by mosquitoes, chafing and scrapping my ankles and now a lovely purplish rash on my neck
Skyped Wes from back home, great to see the people you care about from back home
Even though it may remind me of the comforts home and things I may miss, it more so gives me energy to keep going knowing that home and all it has will always be there relatively unchanged and I can always go back to it whenever I choose
Lazed around for awhile napping on and off without the necessary energy to anything with today even I still had so much left to explore in this maze like city without endless possibilities around every corner
Bought train ticket out to Gorakhpur for 12:40 a.m. in an expensive 3A/C since private buses had been shut down for the time being since apparently companies are still too scared to go directly to the Nepali border after the earthquakes that likely will lessen tourism somewhat
Met up with Reut and Raffa for lunch, some tasty dosas
Walking around streets
Fancy lassis from Baba Lassi
Entertaining watching someone else try to negotiate with an Indian when I have no skin in the game so I could observe this dynamic from the outside
Said goodbye to Reut and Raffa and then went to laze around on one of the guesthouses’s lobby couches since I had already checked out
I was dead tired, I wanted to continue exploring since Varanasi is such an interesting city but I had no energy to speak of
After being in and out of conscious I had to rise to make sure I at least saw the puja/Ganga aarti ceremony that occurs at 7 pm
Walking with two Indian French girls, sisters
After they decided to skip out on a boat tour, they joined me as we walked through the dark, barely lit streets towards the center and find our spot amidst the crowds for the ceremony
Incense, fire, music, slow movements of the fire lit contraptions they swung around in worship of the holy Ganga river
People giving offerings, money during this ceremony
Went back and took them to the burning ghat for an up close look
Got arranged for tomorrow for their morning sunrise boat tour
Went up to the rooftop, they got dinner
Listened to sitar/Indian classical music
Joking around with them for quite awhile
Afsana spoke the English while her sister only knew some
I tried repeating some French back to them and it was humorous, saying it sounded musical like birds were flying in the air, flutelike
Getting a feel for France, shedding some unflattering light on the U.S.
Even though I am visiting foreign lands, I am learning so much about places and people from other countries I have never visited or met and expanding my knowledge about them, although never quite learning too much about another language (the joys of a native English speaker)

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