Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 276: Never Wasting a Moment, Always on the Run

I was able to meet up with Maciek once again after quite some time, great to see a great friend again

Samosas, curry, chow mien for unspeakably cheap prices
Got my new accommodation
Hanging out, catching up, and filling each other in on the gaps in our separate travels since going our individual ways. He is now visiting Sri Lanka randomly, beauty of travel
Got to hear stories of the Everest base camp trek which I will be doing shortly and seeing some of his incredible photographs, had great luck with weather considering he trekked towards the thick end of the monsoon season
Meeting of his trekking companions at western tandoori and naan house which is basically an old garage turned into a restaurant and kitchen
Had masala curry with garlic naan fresh from the hot and toasty tandoori kettle oven that heated up this room that didn’t need to be heated and with the food as well I was sweating beyond all comforts
After leaving the steamy garage I felt like the oncoming passing breezes gave me new life and wings as I spread my arms out to accept its cool yet welcome hug
We went our separate ways so that he could visit a friend and so that I could run some errands
I wanted to get my permits in order but the actual office was further than I expected so I chose to save it for another day
I price checked flights to Lukla which is around a 35 min flight from Kathmandu to this tiny airport for one of the most dangerous landing and liftoff points in the world, as Maciek said it was as much of a thrill/adrenaline rush as trekking around and seeing Everest
This short flight cost most people $320 or so round trip, otherwise you have to trek for two to three weeks up and down unforgiving hills before you could begin what is now considered the true stare of the trek for Everest
Everest as sagarmatha to Nepali, it sits directly on Tibet/Nepal border with the more forgiving south side resting in Nepal
Bought peanut butter for snack power food along the trek to get me to my hut or rest house or just to give me a break from the likely bore of nonstop of dhal bhat
Bought detailed maps covering Everest base Camp including the Gokyo which I hope is a worthwhile detour and one for the Annapurna circuit which I will tackle later on with pokhara as my base
Got cream for my wrinkled rash skin
Bought the famous national bestseller ‘Into Thin Air’ to inspire me yet shed some hidden light on the dangers of Everest for reading in my free time while trekking
Talking with many agencies slowly creeping the price down
I found the cheapest but I decided to check in at an Internet shop to see what I could get myself and sure enough I got my best deal at $147 that would leave three days from now early in the morning so three days after arriving into Nepal I would kickstart my trekking adventures
$147 is a lot, a lot of money for a 35 minute flight but not many times in my life will I be within such close striking distance of the greatest peaks in the world with this churned up high rising land scraping the stratosphere nearly 30,000 feet skyward
The one agency I told I was going to buy from I returned to out of respect and we had a nice conversation. I got him talking about the current situation in Nepal since I wanted to know about the protests occurring around Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. He said they want to decentralize Nepal and divide it into separate states (7). Displeasure with the current Nepali government. Bad for Nepal.
Got back to guesthouse
Went back to Western Tandoori and picked up a fellow American along the way, met Thomas the Austrian there. 
Ate Dhal Bhat with my hands, working the food around with my right hand only massaging its flavored into the rice, flicking my wrist every once in awhile, and popping the creamy rice balls. Tasty but I have too many days of it ahead of me. Dal, Everest sized mound of rice, sabzi, pickle, and spicy sauce
Got beer and went back to guesthouse to play cards and enjoy our time
Games of four square – two hidden cards, Yanni – 7 or less, and of course Shithead to really get to know everyone and their ability to lie – love the game
Got sleep late in the night but it didn’t matter since I had no time I needed to begin my day 

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