Many roads diverged in the chaos of Varanasi and I, I took the one most shat on (by cows and hell who knows who or what else)
Graffiti on the roads of Varanasi and many others, splattered and adorned with cow shit
If you walk and explore aimlessly yet aware you have no idea what will turn nor what you may find
The world has opened up for me because I have opened up to it
There are many things I am inexperienced with, that I haven’t quite uncovered but with time I will adapt, force it to become second nature
It is so hot and breathless in India who knows the last time the leaves on the trees move or shook
Don’t think how THEY will get you there, how will YOU rise above the ashes. It wasn’t ever about them not will it ever. This is your life, your journey. Nature brings many varieties of people into and out of your life that have the ability to build you up or destroy. You have to learn the difference and keep the winners in your presence
You won’t know what the world is really like until you genuinely look around at it. 
If you go out into the world purposefully the bad tough shit in life will find you. It will smack you so hard, ten ways to Sunday, that you don’t know if you can take another punch but you can 

We all believe the same thing we just haven’t realized it yet 


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