Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 273: Wandering and Wondering

Woke up trying to sleep in as much as I could which wasn’t much since the fan could keep the growing heat at bay for only so long

Got me some breakfast of paratha, channa, and curd
Walked ghats including the burning ghat: tears of family even got me emotional, it was special, raw experience
Walked to Assi ghat since Reut and Rafa hadn’t gotten back to me yet
Walked into random field out of curiosity: gambling, nice photos of older buildings with water background, soup kitchen turned movie set, I got to talk to one actor of this Bollywood film who was like the villain of a Liam Niasin film as the kidnapper
Many touts
Went to one shop thinking maybe just once I might get an overview of how they were made but I was getting sold on it. I am sick and tired of it. Always selling
Working my way through the alleyways
Large Assi ghat for shiva and shiva Linga
Expensive cafe
I talked to this one kid not out of choice but like I said every Indian has to say something. He tried to act like someone older as if he were a guru or teacher. He didn’t like when I kept asking for his age but I wanted to put that runt in his place. He did buy me chai but I didn’t want at first thinking I would either get poisoned or he wanted me to pay
Boat calls
Talked to a tout but he was cool explaining me a lot about the burning ghat including the six situations in which a person or animal isn’t burned and rather placed whole in the river
Finally was able to meet up with Raffa and Reut, smoked some and spent some time around a real teacher
Skipped the puja ceremony and instead explored the northern ghats along the river after first winding lost through the streets worse so when the power was out
Hearing about reut’s first experience in Indian most interestingly when she traveled with a guru in the mountains staying in caves and being on the edge when storms came through but learning much from the man as far as how in touch he was with nature and the earth
Got to see our own little puja ceremony along the northern ghats without the fanfare and commotion and noise
Winding back through the streets, stopping at some shops for them. Unreal amount of traffic impossible to move through.
Watched a funeral ceremony procession pass by amidst this
Ate at a different restaurant and had myself a filling thali with various paneer dishes, rice, dal, roti, sabzi
Went to their hotel and had beers on their rooftop with smokes, passing the time enjoying the darkness, each other’s company, and the quiet from above. Great people and a shame they all can’t continue to say in our lives

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