Nirvana in Nepal Day 277: Garlic Naan, Masala Tea, and Trekking Permits

Samosas, masala tea, and curry for breakfast

Relaxing and reading Into Thin Air book
Met up with Thomas and Renee at Western Tandoori for lunch: garlic naan and paneer masala and not to be forgotten chai masala tea, a satisfying brew of spices
Drifted off from Renee and Maciek so that I could get some things on my checklist taken care of in time for the big trek in two days
Walked the many bumping roads packed with people but more tame able than anything India has thrown at me
Got permit for sagarmatha NP which is for the Everest region
Bought TIMS card which registers me as a trekker and specifically a independent trekker and allows them to possibly find me in case anything unfortunate may occur to get my whereabouts
Tried to get more information about the region for my own safety and sanity when veering off the normal EBC trail but I had to wait till tomorrow
Walked back
Tried to negotiate prices for certain items I needed but I thought for knock off many were far too overpriced
Bought water purifying tablets, water bottle, compass, batteries
Met up with Maciek and Renee at Places Cafe
Relaxed with not so great wifi
Looked around at various Internet cafes so that I could skype my family
It was great to chat with them after awhile and for what will be likely awhile. Hard to believe it has been more than 9 months since I have seen them in the flesh. I told them about my excitement for life, how my life although cloudy is beginning to come into picture, sharing some of my inspirational quotes I have been thinking about to myself, telling them about men like Into Thin Air author who did menial jobs for a long time unsure of the what they genuinely wanted to do for a career but worked for the time being to serves their life passions and purposes
Said goodbye
Met up with Maciek and crew, had a beer chilled atop the roof
Went to bed

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