Nirvana in Nepal Day 278: Last Day of Preparation

Packing up bag figuring I would be taking the smaller day pack a trekking buddy of Maciek’s left behind

I panicked when I realized I wouldn’t be able to fit what I needed into the bag
Thought I would have to buy or rent a bag but decided to stick with the massive body bag I have carried all this time
Packing, unpacking, re packing
Samosas and momos with spicy sauce
Saying goodbye to Maciek once again
Starting to download music to iPod so that I can finally listen to legitimate music for the first time in a long time
Bought some stuff at supermarket
Took cycle rickshaw to Nepali tourism office to get detailed information on the Everest area especially concerning areas off the main path to Everest base camp
Price was surprisingly high but I asked the cashier who gave me the price. Maybe it is me as a pragmatic paranoid Indian traveler I felt like there was so conspiring against me between the two
Bumping ride but I got there
Sadly I forgot my detailed map and unfortunately the man offered little help except for telling me most people in the area will be able to speak the basics of English to help me and that I need to ask locals when I get there about specifics
I walked back to Thamel, the backpacker district and got my glasses fixed after months worth of duct tape glory. I really in all likelihood didn’t need to wait this long but I was stubborn and enjoyed the preposterous fashion statement
Bought expensive trekking boots/shoes from Northface outlet store when many cheap varieties line every street but after dealing with the knock off quality that fell apart I needed to go with something reliable especially considering good shoes and a good backpack are the two most important things when traveling and should never be a point where you are cutting corners on your budget
Bought trekking pants and sleeping bag after some negotiating
Drank some of the best chai masala tea I ever had at west tandoori and naan house
Checking back into guesthouse, arranging taxi in the early morning that got that much earlier when the flight was moved to 6:15 am take off, maybe I can watch sunrise over the Himalayas?
Got my bag organized as much as I could and found some items I had long been missing, even for a relatively small compartment there are hidden dead spots or black holes that give back every once in awhile
Watched Nepalese try to negotiate a full sized van through a tight corner alley with inches to spare that caused there to be a roadblock
Went to Places coffee shop and restaurant with the sole intent of using their wifi to download music
Went to eat at Western Tandoori and Naan House for likely my last real meal because I will be living off of dhal bhat for many, many days ahead when I plan to navigate the wilderness albeit well traveled wilderness for two to three weeks
Continuing to catch up writing and getting my music uploaded
I am the only one to go to a club and bar just for the wifi. I sat there drinking my requisite beer at the bar front uploading music and writing while everyone else came here clearly for other purposes
Tomorrow I will be flying out early in the morning

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